A strategic investment firm with entrepreneurship spirit opens, for the first time, opportunities for foreign investors to invest in commercial properties and to have a consistent income and capital appreciation.

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Providing know-how, protocols and risk management tools, asset manage (FDI) Foreign Direct Investors in mining alternative investment opportunities in CRE properties in the United States.

Building BRIDGES 

 Between ALTERNATIVE Investments

& FOREIGN DIRECT Investments “FDI”

DK Private Investment Benefits

 Maximize your returns with direct ownership transparency by investing in private CRE investments in the United States, low fees, and low investment minimums through our unique approach of pooling FDI funds.  

Commercial Real Estate 

Investment in commercial real estate properties can provide income in the form of the lease as well as the capital gains from value increase

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Private VS Public Investment

Potential for higher returns because Investments that looks to exploit inefficiencies in markets.

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Leases are our valuation approach

Save time with over 240 carefully styled components designed to showcase your content

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Inflation Protection

Lease and Real estate values increase with inflation.

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Country Risk

Country risk varies between countries and can include political risk, currency risk, economic risk, regulatory risk, and transfer risk.

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Direct Ownership

Direct ownership has been always available to high net wealth investors. DK is giving a rare opportunity to own directly without any layers or hidden funds high management fees.

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